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About Vegas Hottest People

Started in 2009 as an innovative idea to capture Vegas Hottest People (VHP) in all of the Las Vegas glamour, VHP fully developed into a unique creation uncovering and highlighting many of Las Vegas’s famous and hidden jewels. Along with Hotels, Resorts, Casinos, Five-Star Restaurants, world famous Nightclubs and Dayclubs, we include upcoming events of some of the worlds top artists and performances.

VHP has taken the “Las Vegas Experience” to a whole new level!

VHP’s idea brings a special blend of Sin City’s entertainment values with the most hidden jewel of all…You! That’s right…You! The World’s Most Beautiful Men and Women!

Whether you’re a Las Vegas frequent visitor or it is your once in a life time trip. We want you to be a part of something special and make your experience in Las Vegas memorable.

Imagine yourself or with friends experiencing Las Vegas to the maximum and then that moment everything around you appears to be beautifully crystalized. Friends, family, celebrities, famous DJs, singers, host, chefs are all mixed inside “The Event” putting you, Vegas Hottest People, in a time capsule to be always remembered as one the greatest time of your life.

It is our desire that people all around the world who visit Las Vegas gets to live a “VHP” style experience. We want you to bring to life that very special moment and leave an imprint and long lasting memory on our website.

In addition we have put together a variety of helpful topics, trending articles, daily trivia and a way to connect with our VHP crew via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube so that when ever you’re ready to be the star of your Las Vegas experience, we will be there to capture the moment for the the World’s Most Beautiful Men and Women!

When you think of Las Vegas think of us, VHP, and maybe someone will be looking and whispering to you…”You are Vegas Hottest People”!

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