The Sexiest Zodiac Signs

The Sexiest Zodiac Signs

The Sexiest Zodiac Signs — by Sal Alvarez  07/25/12

“Top Sexiest Zodiac Signs”

Have you ever wondered which of the 12 Zodiac signs in Greek astrology are the sexiest?  It has long been said that astrology has been used to tell the fortunes and destinies of all human beings, in respect to wealth, decision making in war and LOVE.  A well balanced science that is in use today as it was in past civilizations that founded it and have vanished.

From Aries to Pisces, all have traits that make us standout in our own unique way, but when it comes to searching for the Sexiest signs there could only be a few that truly win the hottest sex sign.   “Scorpio, Leo and Libra”.  After interviewing 100 people both men and women and online research, these sexiest zodiac signs are without a doubt Vegas Hottest People’s favorites.

#1 scorpio

#1 Scorpio

We begin with the hottest zodiac sign of all, that is Scorpio; known as the sex addict with extreme strength, intense passion, a strong will and a persistent drive, great secretiveness and mystery, this magnetically draws people to them.  Energetic, a freak in bed, a great kisser always gets what they want.  Sexual stamina is legendary! This is why Scorpio comes in at number 1!



#2 leo

#2 Leo

Next hottest zodiac sign is Leo; people are already attracted to them because of their enthusiasm, high esteem and their ability to make you the center of their world.  Like a lion they are hot to handle and in sex they need to have the upper hand.  A Leo’s roar is loud and addictive.  Beware, that the lion once in action will hold on tight as to tear the skin of its prey while you feel pleasure instead of pain.  Leo comes in at a roaring number 2!



#3 libra

#3 Libra

Last but not least the 3rd hottest zodiac sign goes to Libra; known as the lame lover yet very attractive romantic and nice to everyone they meet.  Libra’s are givers in bed and are turned on by role-playing sex games.  Keep a Libra happy and you will have a lover that will think about you and your needs.  These lovers can make you reach the heavens and keep you in a state of ecstasy when they want to.



If there is any doubt that this group deserves to be name the Sexiest Zodiac Signs, then we here at VHP invite you to login and tell us what sign you think should be Vegas Hottest People’s Sexiest and why.

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