Money-saving tips for Las Vegas

Money-saving tips for Las Vegas

We are always searching for great deals in Las Vegas and when we find them. We love to share them with all of you. -The VHP Staff 

By MARLA JO FISHER / TheOrangeCountyRegister

There are more ways than one to lose your shirt in Las Vegas. Even if you don’t gamble, you can still empty your wallet on pricey hotels, shows and meals. But a few strategies can cut costs dramatically, and the cardinal rule here is to never pay full price for anything. Here are some tips:

1. Keep a watch on discounted tickets. The “half-price ticket booth” company Tix4Tonight has actually caused something of a rebound effect. These booths are so ubiquitous now that popular shows that formerly didn’t sell tickets there found they had to discount as well. Nowadays, not all shows at Tix4Tonight are half-price. Sometimes they’re only one-third off. But it’s still worth checking what’s on offer……

*Featured pic by Glenn Pinkerton /  LasVegasNewsBureau


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