What to Expect From Fashion Week

What to Expect From Fashion Week

By Justin Jones / Thedailybeast

From dress codes demanding ‘Grace Jones butch realness’ to the debut of an iconic French fashion house to a rumored runway appearance by Caitlyn Jenner, the upcoming New York Fashion Week will be one for the ages.
It’s that time of year again. New York’s wide-eyed tourists are being replaced with a sea of avant-garde looks and no-bullshit attitudes. Fashion Week has arrived and is already giving us so much to look forward to, such as:
New Looks and Party Venues

Fashion Week has had a makeover. Lexus has replaced Mercedes Benz as the official sponsor and the tents at Lincoln Center will now be split between Skylight at Moynihan Station and Skylight Clarkson Square, as well as dozens of other “unofficial” locations throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn. Plus…


*Featured pic by Timur Emek/Getty


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