The Secret to Win $500 Million Dollars from Mega Millions Lottery

The Secret to Win $500 Million Dollars from Mega Millions Lottery

The Secret to Win $500 Million Dollars from Mega Millions Lottery
By Niem Hefner
March 28, 2012

This is by far the BIGGEST jackpot in the history of U.S. lottery.  It is a whopping $500 million dollars jackpot.  The last biggest jackpot was a $390 million, Mega Millions, won on March 6, 2007.

Thanks to the slow economy, many people have lost their job, their 401K and their home.  The American Dream that we all hope for seem to be vanished.  We turned to reality television show like “Keeping Up with the Kardashian” and through them, we lived and experienced the American Dream on television.

Starting about four weeks ago, the Mega Millions rally has begun.  It has been 11 consecutive draws and yet ZERO winner!  The jackpot was at $108 million dollars.  Suddenly America began to give another shot at the American Dream.  It is “a means to an end”, an exit from the rat race.  The rally was subtle at first, then in the last two weeks, it gained momentum and since Tuesday night of March 27, it has reached critical mass.

So what is the secret to win this Mega Millions?  The answer is FAITH.
FAITH is visualization of, and belief in the attainment of your desire.

Let me elaborate this a little further.  Maybe or perhaps about two weeks ago, you were aware of the Mega Millions and it was at about $200 million dollars in the jackpot.  You took out your last $1 dollar bill and in a moment of despair, you looked up in the sky, you released your thoughts to the Universe as in the case prayer and were hoping that God will help you, that God will somehow give you the winning numbers.  Then you went into the local store like AM/PM or 7-Eleven and you bought your ticket.  Then Friday came, you were ecstatic, stoked, but later you learned that you didn’t win.

The next morning you heard the good news (sort of) that nobody else win either.  The jackpot has just shot up to $241 million dollars.  Woohoo!  You went out and you bought another ticket.  This time you looked up in the sky a little longer and you sent your wishes; you asked for another chance.  Then Tuesday came and past.  The next morning, you learned that you didn’t win, but fortunately for you, nobody else wan either.  The jackpot is now at $290 million dollars.

Again you went to 7-Eleven and you bought two tickets this time.  You said the same prayer and asked God for the same thing.  Then Friday came and again you didn’t win.  On Saturday morning, you heard on the radio that again nobody else wan either.  The jackpot is now at $363 million dollars.  You were like Yikes!!!

By the following Monday afternoon, you and almost everyone in your company have joined the lottery pool and it worth hundred of dollars.  The last thing you want is that all of your co-workers got Rich overnight and you’re not, so you joined the lottery pool.  But quietly after work, you went to an Arco AM/PM and purchased two more tickets.  With the thoughts of what you can do with the $363 million dollars, your emotions and prayer were all time high; somewhere inside, you said “This is it!”
On Wednesday morning, you didn’t even check the winning numbers from the night before, but you just heard on radio that nobody else win.  This time, the jackpot is at $500 million dollars!

So what went wrong with America?  How come nobody win?  It has been 18 consecutive draws and NO winner!
How come God hasn’t answered to anybody prayer?

Perhaps he has.  He has given you the winning numbers the first time you asked for it, but you didn’t have enough FAITH in him.  After losing the 1st time since the rally, you got yourself a different set of numbers each week.  You didn’t stick with the numbers he has given you.  How many times have you been to Las Vegas and at the Roulette table you saw someone was betting on the number Red 18 over and over and he didn’t win, but the minute he left his table, then the Red 18 was landed!

There is a saying that “Ask and It’s Given”.  But to my experiences, the “Given” part often has a delay.  The ticket(s) in your hands a week or two ago could have been the winning ticket(s), but it was in your hand the wrong week.  I would not count those numbers out just yet.  In fact I would re-use those numbers and purchase tickets for this Friday.
Good luck and I hope you’ll win!

Thanks for reading and supporting VHP – Niem.


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